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It's simple, really...

Move Offline and get back to reality. Ditch the dating apps for real relationships. Invite the conversation.

For those of us who have experienced online dating, we know first-hand that the online dating experience is less than ideal. The process goes like this: we match or connect with someone on an app based off a profile and a photo or two. We spend some time exchanging witty messages and basic, "get to know you," questions. You seem cool. We seem like a good match. You're funny and charming and cute too. Eventually, we set a date to meet.

The first date is awkward, at best. We meet in some restaurant, coffee shop or bar, feeling like I know the person at least a little. Yet they're shorter in person than I thought. They have a funny way of pronouncing the word, "Washington." And all of their wit seems to have escaped them. Maybe they're nervous, I think. So I roll with the punches through the date and decide that this person just isn't what I expected.

The idea of moving offline was born of the disappointment felt by its creator during her attempts at online dating. She recognized the need to go back to a time when people could meet for the first time in person. Not only was it a more organic way of connecting but its a chance to feel chemistry without it being filtered through a text message.

But there was a problem: men and women today don't know how to approach one another. Everyone is so concerned about a significant other or being rejected. Men and women are afraid to approach each other. So how do we know who's single and who's not? CHECK THE WRIST.

The Offline Movement wristband is an indicator of someone who is fed up with online dating and wants to get back to meeting people in person. Wearing the band symbolizes a desire to connect and an openness to meet. Plus, it's a good conversation starter, no?

So make the move to get offline. Let the world know you're tired of being disappointed by online dates; you're sick of wasting your time with filtered personalities. Wear it at the gym, the bar, the club, the coffee shop. Wear it on campus, to house parties, to the grocery store. Strike up a dialogue with folks who ask and help spread the word.

Invite the conversation. Move Offline.